Canonical Will Remove Java From Ubuntu

Paul Howarth paul at
Thu Dec 22 10:41:34 UTC 2011

On Thu, 22 Dec 2011 09:17:15 +0000
Andrew Haley <aph at> wrote:

> On 12/21/2011 10:45 PM, Matej Cepl wrote:
> > On 21.12.2011 18:52, Andrew Haley wrote:
> >> There really is very little difference between the com.sun.*
> >> classes in OpenJDK and the proprietary JDK, as far as I know.  Of
> >> course, I haven't really checked, but...  ;-)
> > 
> > So, what is the root cause of (infrequent, but persistent) alarms
> > about incompatibility between OpenJDK and proprietary JDK?
> To know for certain I'd have to trawl all the bug reports, but they
> seem to boil down to web plugin incompatibilities and assuming a
> particular layout of the installation.  With regard to the plugin,
> it's much more compatible now, but we still have occasional problems
> with proprietary applications that make incorrect assumptions.  It's
> particularly difficult with banks that have applications we can't even
> try.  Oh, and we do have bugs sometimes.  ;-)

At $WORKPLACE I use a Java app (via javaws) - EMC NetWorker Management
Console - that won't work with OpenJDK (it pops up a username/password
window as expected but doesn't then pop up the main app window once the
username+password have been entered), whilst it does work with
Sun/Oracle java 6 and 7. I would much rather use OpenJDK but I haven't
a clue how to track down what the problem is, knowing next to nothing
about java.


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