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Christoph Frieben christoph.frieben at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 4 08:34:32 UTC 2011

2011/2/4 Felix Miata:
> If you had asked 30 or more minutes sooner I could have, but I installed
> again and got a much bigger nearly unbootable mess trying to install more
> than minimal.

In order to work around broken dependencies, I just performed a rather
minimum install plus X and installed the remaining packages
immediately after booting into single user mode of the new system
(firstboot is only available in text mode, e.g. when booting into run
level 3 after completing the install).
Nevertheless, anaconda threw an exception just after installing the
last package but before finalizing the install and writing the boot
loader. Instead of aborting anaconda leaving me with an unbootable
system, I switched to VT2, chrooted into the new system and ran
grub-install. After that, it was possible to boot into the new system
which actually works quite well now thanks to the bunch of GNOME3
updates built yesterday. kernel-2.6.38-0.rc3.git2.1.fc15 from Koji is
necessary for Atheros user because earlier release candidates of
2.6.38 lose WLAN connectivity after a short period of time requiring
the system to reboot. ~C

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