Rawhide is annoying me!

David dgboles at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 01:18:40 UTC 2011

On 2/6/2011 5:41 PM, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> On 02/06/2011 01:38 PM, David wrote:
> Well...  this is one of the things we want to get out of the GNOME 3
> test days.  If you aren't getting either a shell or fallback mode, we
> need to know what hardware you're using so we can make sure it's handled
> appropriately.  Filing a bug with a smolt profile would help with that,
> or check out the GNOME 3 test day page and enter your data there.

Well yeah. That part I understand. But..

As of late it seems to me that *some* not *all* devs have taken the
attitude that 'you will accept what we think that you need' and you will
be quiet'. Or your hardware is really old and/or crappy so we no longer
care about you.

And the Linux that I first started using was a 'works for everyone' type
of OS system. From the rich guy with the state of the art equipment to
those less fortunate with older equipment or systems and slow dial-up
access that is 'as good as it get here' in 'my country'.

A people OS. Meant for all and not just mean for the privileged few.

I don't need to file a bug about my problem. I already know what my
problem with Gnome 3 is. Video drivers and dev level xorg. And I have
the solution(s).

My concern is for those that can not deal with this 'forced' change.
Your product is free. one can not sell a product that is broken. But you
also can not give a way something that people can not use.

Think about that concept a moment.

As I said. I can deal with this. But my mother could not. nor her
husband. Nor my brother. Nor my sister. One out of five, 20%, in just my
immediate family is not a good ratio.


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