Rawhide is annoying me!

Matej Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Wed Feb 16 08:46:18 UTC 2011

Dne 7.2.2011 05:12, David napsal(a):
> I switched to XFCE two months, maybe longer ago, whenever it was that
> this Gnome 3 or gnome-shell 'thing' first appeared in Rawhide. Why?
> Becasue it broke my desktop. Actually I am not exactly sure why but I
> know that I need *real* Nvidia drivers for my reasonably modern GeForce
> 5800 GTX card to work properly. The Linux drivers do not work as they
> should. For me. And something about the version of Xorg and this, or a
> combination of theses, makes major problems for me. Broke my desktop and
> the general Gnome 'expected to work things'.

Putting aside my disgust for nvidia binary blob (I understand it is
unfortunately part of our current reality), why do you think gnome-shell
shouldn't work with it? Or is there other problem why gnome-shell
doesn't work for you? Which ones?



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