installation of my own rpm in a Fedora without internet

Domingo Becker domingobecker at
Sat Feb 19 22:53:33 UTC 2011

2011/2/19 Till Maas <opensource at>:
> On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 11:44:48AM -0300, Domingo Becker wrote:
>> I think that a just installed Fedora box should have the ability to
>> install software from an usb stick without the need of an internet
>> connection.
> You can try this to install rpms from the local directory:
> yum --disablerepo=\* install ./*.rpm

I will try this too.
But next monday or tuesday.

> Btw. a proper bug report requires a description of what you actually
> did, e.g. which software did you use to install and what was the excact
> error message.

Sorry, my software is at [1] and [2], both are GPLv3 license.

The command I always use is

yum install --nogpg my-own.rpm another.rpm

I don't remember now the exact error message. It was a depmod.xml file
was missing for Fedora repo or something.



Thank you.


Domingo Becker

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