F15 Alpha impressions

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn dennisml at conversis.de
Sun Feb 27 15:20:55 UTC 2011

On 02/27/2011 03:55 PM, Mike Chambers wrote:
> Fonts or whatever don't seem to be as nice or full looking as other
> releases (F14 or below).

Yes the font rendering makes applications look significantly more ugly then 
under F14. That was the first thing I noticed after starting Firefox.

> When in a program (Evolution for example), it seems this is the only one
> I see in the task window/panel or whatever up top.  I can't tell Firefox
> or anything is running, unleses I click on the Activities link or
> control tab.

I think this is sort of intentional. If I understand the way this is 
supposed to work correctly then you are not supposed to care if Firefox is 
already running but instead simply click on it in your favorites and if an 
instance is already running it will be brought into focus or a new instance 
is started.
Also you don't need to click on "Activities" but can simply move the mouse 
to the upper left corner to open the favorites. While this takes some 
getting used to I think it makes sense. Simply "throw" you mouse into the 
upper left corner and then click on Firefox.

> When adding a background image, that little plus/negative sign at the
> bottom isn't too inviting to use.  Had to look at that program couple
> times to understand/see them at the bottom.  Could be couple bigger
> buttons or something.
> How the hell do you add something to be started up when your profile
> starts?  Such as devilspie or whatever?  I used to add this to startup
> programs.
> I used to be able to hover my mouse over the time and at least it would
> tell me the date instead of having to click on it just to see it.

I think the general problem here is that with the advent of tablet and 
other touchscreen driven devices the whole hover mechanic just doesn't work 
at all anymore. On the other hand I noticed that when I move the mouse over 
an icon at the bottom right corner the icon slides to the side and reveal a 
label for that icon. So there the hover concept seems to be still alive.
This is a problem though as apparently you cannot click that label:
1. Update icon appears
2. You want to click on it and move the mouse over it
3. The icon moves away from your pointer revealing the label
4. Clicking no longer works since the label is not clickable
5. You move the mouse over to the new icon position
6. If you overshoot the icon again slides away from you pointer => continue 
at 2.
7. If you don't overshoot you are finally able to do what you wanted to do 
in the first place: click that icon.


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