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Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Jul 11 12:00:31 UTC 2011

Am 11.07.2011 13:11, schrieb Florian Müllner:
> 2011/7/11 Reindl Harald <h.reindl at <mailto:h.reindl at>>
>     my main critic on systemd shipped als default with F15 is that
>     widely used services like NFS are not converted to systemd
>     BEFORE systemd replaced upstart
> Given that Fedora only used upstart with existing SysV scripts, upstart should not have 
> been included in the first place according to that argument. Yet you want to stick with 
> an init system which does not have a single native service, because some services are 
> used through systemd's SysV compatibility? Sorry, but that's hardly a credible
> position, it just makes you look biased against systemd

why does no one understand me here?

the problem i see is that systemd is pushed with a stable update
while this time are open discussions how getting important
services work native with systemd

this are things that should have been worked out BEFORE
systemd was pushed to a stable release to get a much better
overview if things working as expected, finding bugs and
maybe needed improvements in systemd and AFTER that systemd
AND the with fedora shipped services pushing to a GA release

what happened is "we are replacing the old init-system and after
that we take a look if all pakcage-maintainers can live with
the new one"

the qualitiy of a software intended to replace long time
working things is much better if all this things are tested
instead release/push and HOPE that sometimes later all works

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