Systemd transition prevents updating older release branches??

Tom Lane tgl at
Mon Jul 25 20:15:17 UTC 2011

Bill Nottingham <notting at> writes:
> Tom Lane (tgl at said: 
>> IOW, once I push a mysql update with native systemd support into
>> rawhide, I'll be forbidden from ever rebasing mysql in F15 up to
>> a newer upstream patch release.  Considering that upstream issues
>> bug-fix releases about once a month, this is hardly acceptable.

> No, it just means you'll have to tweak the versioning in the rawhide
> trigger at the same time.

That sounds too fragile for words.  Even assuming that I remember to do
it each time, what will happen to people who are already running the
previous rawhide version?  Seems like "yum update" will result in
running the trigger again.

			regards, tom lane

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