Installing bash-completion by default in F-16

Stanislav Ochotnicky sochotnicky at
Fri Jun 3 15:25:49 UTC 2011

Excerpts from Ville Skyttä's message of Wed Jun 01 22:54:05 +0200 2011:
> I'd like to have bash-completion included in F-16's default install.  In
> my opinion it's in a good enough shape for that already now, and with my
> upstream hat on I expect things to further improve before F-16 is out.
> Why I'm writing here is that I'd like to hear opinions to which
> default-installed comps group should it be added (and set as default
> there) - in my opinion the serious candidates are admin-tools and base.
>  admin-tools doesn't sound right because bash-completion is not really
> an admin tool (unless one considers interactive shell usage as admin
> activity in general), so I'm inclined to add it to base.

Since you are asking...I have a suggestion since I've used
bash-completion for a few years:
 - make it modular (perhaps depending on environment variables?)

why? Because some completions take a lot of time to load, as has
already been mentioned. If users could select what modules they use
and only load those...startup would be much faster.

Example use that I imagine:
$ cat ~/.bashrc1 # for people who care
BASH_COMP_MODULES="git svn fedpkg mock"
$ cat ~/.bashrc2 # for those that don't care

I know this would need release notes because it would change behaviour
of the package (after installing b-c now we get all completions, after
this change we'd get none enabled).

Would this be a problem? Gentoo is solving bash_completion performance
problems this way (using their custom config tool). This could be
distribution-agnostic way to do it I guess. Or maybe I am completely
wrong. One way or the other I don't think bash-completion belongs into
base system, reasons were already given I guess so I won't repeat them.

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