how to keep rpmbuild directory clean

Evandro Giovanini efgiovanini at
Fri Jun 17 18:10:02 UTC 2011

Em Sex, 2011-06-17 às 19:57 +0200, Jakub Jedelský escreveu:
> Hi list!
> I've made some rpm packages (a special build for me or for company)
> from time to time but recently I have a little problem with my
> rpmbuild directory. There are a lot of different patches and sources
> in SOURCES, SRPMS and SPECS dirs.
> And question is: how to keep my dir clean? :) Have you any method for
> this? Do you have one rpmbuild dir for one project or do you use more
> user accounts or..simply copy files to another location? And as a
> bonus I would like to use git for versioning of spec files..
> Thanks for your replies,
> (I hope that this is not so stupid question)
> JJ

I usually build packages with 'rpmbuild -ba --clean --rmsource --rmspec
<file.spec>'. If you already built the packages just remove the '-ba'
option and run the rest (--clean --rmsource --rmspec) on your spec


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