The behaviour of systemctl.

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Sun Jun 19 19:00:33 UTC 2011

Am 19.06.2011 20:48, schrieb Aaron Sowry:

> If I haven't made the disputes clear enough for you by now, then I'm afraid I'm
> not sure what else I can say. Uselessness it probably not the point here though, the
> point is all of the other downsides associated with such an implementation.
> Paging is certainly useful, however "|less" is not a difficult thing to type.

i agree with you!

the point is not (only) if "|less" is easy to type

* one will use "less", the other one "more", the third his own pager
* pagers are existing
* everybody knows them

the unix-way IS NOT to include such things directly in any application
nobody needs autopaging and the 3 peopole who needs can set an alias
but to need an alias for all the other?

most peopole today are working on a Desktop with a terminal like konsole
or whatelese which understands scrolling - pafing is a uasbility crime
as default here since my mouse-wheel let me better position where i want

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