Gnome borked?

Evandro Giovanini efgiovanini at
Mon Jun 20 15:40:34 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 8:14 AM, Nicolas Mailhot
<nicolas.mailhot at> wrote:
> Le Lun 20 juin 2011 12:46, Paul Johnson a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> After doing a rather large update to my rawhide box, it seems that it
>> no longer wants to play fair with Gnome giving a very unfriendly
>> "Something has gone wrong which I can't recover from. You should
>> logout and try again" message. Other than some desklet errors, nothing
>> seems to be wrong (obviously it is though).
>> Any ideas what the problem is or how to fix it?
> Its both a black screen of death and a black box process. Very frustrating.
> In gnome 2 when the session crashed one could still run apps (add the term
> shortut to nautilus, right click on the desktop and you have a term to launch
> a wm and a browser to look for solutions). In gnome 3 you're finished. (what's
> the point of showing the message if there is no option but to kill the
> session? to taunt the user? might as well kick back directly into gdm and show
> the message here)

This is a bug, not intended behavior.


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