systemd: bugreports for missing service-files

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Tue Jun 21 15:11:38 UTC 2011

Am 21.06.2011 16:56, schrieb Toshio Kuratomi:
> To add something actually constructive... someone could propose that
> services which don't have systemd unit files don't ship for F16 (Probably as
> part of the )


> That is an idea that has pros and cons.  The major pros are that it means
> that users will have a more consistent experience with reconfiguring the
> on/off state of their services and we'll be forcing people to add systemd
> unit files rather than just letting proposed changes just sit around in
> bugs.

please do this, this was what i expected for F15 to avoid
a inconsistent systems and if it is allowed for F16 too not
to make the change some lazy maintainers will wait forever

> The cons are that we may lose some services for F16 because the services
> aren't ported by the F16 deadline.  However, they could be brought back
> after F16 is released so that's not a huge con.  We'd need to make sure that
> the "essential" services are ported over, but IIRC, that's already the plan
> for the alpha release

no problem

the really needed server packages are built on own infrastructure and
i will backport the F16 packages before we roll out F15, that is the
reason for my anger - i am not so good in writing service files and
things that are not existing i can not backport :-(

other peopole can take the src.rpm from F15 in most cases and do
"rpmbuild --rebuild src.rpm" and finally we have a chance to get
this lean without waiting a decade

hopefully systemd will have a long future like sysvinit had for some
decades and in 3 years that starts all again with an incompatible

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