libmysqlclient soname version bumped by upstream

Remi Collet Fedora at
Mon Mar 21 18:17:57 UTC 2011

Le 21/03/2011 17:28, Tom Lane a écrit :
> So I started to package up mysql 5.5.10, and was surprised to read this
> in the release notes:

Not so surprising...
I was more suprised to see MySQL <= 5.5.9 with .16

> This is probably a good thing, but it's something they should have done
> *before* declaring 5.5.x GA, methinks :-(


> Now I have no problem with pushing such a change into rawhide, but what
> shall I do about Fedora 15?  It doesn't seem very nice to force a soname
> bump after alpha.  On the other hand, the alternatives seem worse:

I agree, alternatives are worse.


> * never upgrade F15 past mysql 5.5.9
> * patch the releases to continue using the .16 version number
> * revert F15 to 5.1.x release series
> I don't much like any of these choices, but I don't have a time machine.
> Any opinions about what to do?
> 			regards, tom lane

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