Fedora 16 beta vice Knoppix

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Tue Oct 4 21:59:09 UTC 2011

On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 11:45 PM, Lennart Poettering
<mzerqung at 0pointer.de> wrote:
> On Tue, 04.10.11 21:01, JB (jb.1234abcd at gmail.com) wrote:
>> Results interpretation.
>> -----------------------
>> Knoppix won by a wide margin, while:
>> - Knoppix having microknoppix fast-parallel boot (based on SysV/LSB scripts)
>>   and DE with low resources usage and tailored for desktops
>> - Fedora having systemd parallel boot and DE tailored for small and simple
>>   devices
>   ^^^^^ huh? Fedora is not tailored for that. Would be great of it it
>   was, but that's simply not the case.
> We install LVM and iSCSI and all kinds of other enterprisey stuff
> on even the smallest netbook. And LVM is a major source of slowness,
> since it requires all devices to be synchronously settled, before
> "vgscan" can be called.
> Also, we use SELinux and stuff which doesn't speed things up
> either. SELinux has become a lot faster at boot in F16, so that's good,
> but there's still a price to pay for it, which is more noticable the
> weaker your machine is. That said, I do believe that SELinux is a good
> thing and should definitely be part of the default install.
> Another bigger source of slowness at boot is currently Plymouth which
> also requires synchronous settling of devices (tough it's not as bad as
> LVM in that regard though, but costs too since EDID probing is
> apparently quite slow, and has every right to, but right now we delay
> the boot processes for that but we shoudl really do that in the
> background).
> I have been asking for the removal of LVM from the default install since
> a long time, and I am still firmly of the opinion that LVM needs to be
> something that folks who want it enable but not something that slows
> down everybody else's boot.
> If you want a quick boot on a netbook, then remove LVM, iscsi and the
> other enterprisey storage stuff. Then run "systemctl mask
> fedora-wait-storage.service fedora-storage-init-late.service
> fedora-readonly.service fedora-storage-init.service
> fedora-loadmodules.service fedora-autoswap.service
> fedora-configure.service rc-local.service" to mask a couple of always-on
> services, that are needed for enterprisey and legacy stuff. Also
> consider disabling stuff like abrtd, or even rsyslog (if you do all log
> output goes to kmsg, which reduces disk acesses and is often good
> enough), and audit, cpupower, iptables, lldapd, mcelog, multipathd,
> lvm2-monitor, mdmonitor, fcoe, dm-event.

And *sendmail* (in my vms it takes up to 60s to start even though I
never use it; and I it does not really make much sense on desktops).

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