synergy-plu, synergy, and gnome3

Christian Krause chkr at
Mon Oct 24 20:15:36 UTC 2011

Hi Laine,

On 10/17/2011 08:01 PM, Laine Stump wrote:
> The version of synergy-plus currently in Fedora doesn't work well with 
> gnome3; I had noticed this because I couldn't get the mouse past the 
> menubar to an alternate screen configured to be "north", but there are 
> other problems as well:

I have just checked this with the newest synergy package (see below):
using gnome3 as a server seems to work at least partially when having a
left/right setup. I can confirm that an up/down setup won't work.

> Since the synergy package is orphanedin Fedora, I was going to file a 
> bug against synergy-plus pointing at the above report/patch, but then I 
> saw that synergy-plus and synergy have re-merged, and the project will 
> be called simply "synergy" in the future.

Basically we are in the process of doing the same in Fedora: synergy got
un-retired and the synergy-1.3.7 package will obsolete its predecessor
synergy-plus. The packages will hit testing soon:

> So, I'm wondering 1) which package I should file the bug against, and 2) 
> if we're going to switch back to synergy from synergy-plus, what needs 
> to be done (and by who) in the packages to make that happen.

Please test the newest synergy-1.3.7-3 package and report the issues
against that component.

Since the move from synergy-plus to synergy is nearly done, there is
nothing special to be done besides testing the new packages. If you want
to help, please also test other combinations of server and client (e.g.
gnome2 vs. gnome3, kde vs. gnome, etc. ).

Best regards,

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