Development to release quality (was: Re: openssh: no pre-release sanity check?)

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Mon Sep 12 11:43:24 UTC 2011

Alex Hudson wrote:
> I view this as entirely equivalent to having a rule about not breaking
> trunk in version control: I don't know anyone who seriously argues that
> breaking a project compile is a good thing. Breaking the OS should be
> culturally identical - that it's a "development branch" or whatever is
> totally irrelevant.

If something fails to COMPILE, this actually hinders development. In fact, 
I'm one of the first ones to yell if package builds in Rawhide are broken 
(due to some dependency breakage or whatever). Something failing to RUN is a 
wholely different matter, which is not covered by the average "don't break 
trunk" rule (which is usually about compilability).

        Kevin Kofler

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