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Tue Sep 20 17:06:07 UTC 2011

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> I'd like to mention that an upstream source getting bumped doesn't
> mean
> anything per se, so we should rather have criteria agnostic of
> arbitrary
> parameters like this. For instance, it shouldn't make a shred of
> difference whether I apply a patch in the spec file, or upstream, all
> other things being the same (i.e. if tarball-1.0 + patch ==
> tarball-1.1
> + changes we want to have anyway like updated translations).

I agree.  Each source update would have to be justified.  I know I've done a source tarball update when it was just a roll up bug fix release.  A source update that implements new features is another issue.  The maintainer is in the best position to know this and can note the distinction in the bodhi ticket.

> Looks like it would get things done.

That's what I thought ;-)

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