wine font changes system look and feel

Kamil Paral kparal at
Wed Jun 6 08:48:32 UTC 2012

> We could of course aim for a dual-solution: Let
> wine-tahoma-fonts put the fonts in the wine font dir (mandatory for
> wine) and add a wine-tahoma-fonts-system package (names suggestions
> welcome) which also puts the fonts in the system wide font path
> (optional).

I believe this would be the best solution available.

The -system package can contain just a symlink to the wine-specific font directory.

> If this would be a feasible solution I would still like some opinions
> if
> this should be done for both fonts or just for the reported bugs
> about
> the bold version.

I wonder, are all wine-provided fonts just (non-identical) replacements for Microsoft fonts, or is this the case only for WineTahoma?

If there are likely to be similar issues with other wine fonts, could we just install all of them to wine-specific font directory and then create a new package "wine-fonts-system" that would depend on "wine-fonts" and installed symlinks into system-wide font directory for all the wine fonts?

The result would be:
* If you install wine, all wine fonts are installed just for wine, the rest of the system is not touched.
* If you install wine-fonts-system, all the wine fonts are available system-wide.

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