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El Tue, 19 Jun 2012 12:19:35 -0400 (EDT)
Jaroslav Reznik <jreznik at> escribió:
> As reaction to approved MiniDebugInfo feature, we agreed on KDE SIG
> meeting that we would have to break CD size limit (and the breaking
> of CD size image was used as argument to accept this feature).
> We agreed that 800 MiB is achievable target:
> - all spins will still fit Multi Desktop Live DVD
> - there's still space available for overlay for USB disks
> - you can still get 800 MiB CD-Rs (may hit HW constraints...)
> Other possibility is to go directly to 1 GiB but we are not sure
> there's advantage (at least not now).
> Contingency plan - at least for one release we'd like to have a 
> 700 MiB KS (with more compromises).
> So we'd like to hear from rel-engs, QA etc. what's theirs position
> here.

from Relengs perspective it doesnt matter what size it is. so long as
it meets the release criteria then its ok. 

Personally i have a serious concern over dropping cd sized media. One
big issue is that the OLPC XO-1 only has 1gb storage for both the OS
and user data. any size increase in the OS reduces the room for user
lists over 2.5 million XOs deployed a large number of which a xo-1 most
of which run fedora.

my other concer is for portions of the world without great
internet access. making everything bigger slows down download time and
increases costs of getting fedora. im honestly not sure what kind of
numbers this would effect

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