libbluray soname bump

Xavier Bachelot xavier at
Wed Mar 7 09:13:29 UTC 2012

On 03/06/2012 11:49 PM, Julian Sikorski wrote:
> W dniu 11.12.2011 13:01, Xavier Bachelot pisze:
>> Hi,
>> libbluray has made its first official release a few days ago. The soname
>> was bumped to 1.0.0 just before the release, in order to make sure it's
>> incompatible with older snapshots they have produced. The snapshots I've
>> made and packaged for Fedora are compatible with the release, so
>> Fedora/RPM Fusion packages should be fine after a simple rebuild.
>> I would like to have a clean start with this library and have the
>> updated package pushed to devel, but also to all currently active
>> releases ( F-16, F-15 and EL-6), despite the soname breakage. Now that
>> upstream is ready to push releases, I think it will be easier to keep
>> the package in good shape if we follow them.
>> Affected packages are as follow :
>> For F17 and F16 :
>> gvfs    (fedora)
>> mplayer (rpmfusion-free)
>> xbmc    (rpmfusion-free)
>> For F15 :
>> mplayer (rpmfusion-free)
>> xbmc    (rpmfusion-free)
>> EL-6 doesn't have any affected package.
>> Please let me know if you're ok with that, and I'll proceed with the
>> builds and the build overrides request.
>> Regards,
>> Xavier
> So what happened with pushing libbluray to older Fedora branches? I am
> fine with rebuilding mplayer, do other apps rebuild cleanly?

gvfs was rebuilding fine against either the older or the newer API and 
the maintainer was ok to rebuild.

xbmc 10.1 needed some patches. They were applied. They are not needed 
for xbmc 11, so depending on the version in F16 and F15, they might 
still need to be applied. The maintainer was ok with rebuilding too. See

mplayer needed a patch too, but it wasn't applied. The patch might not 
be needed anymore as mplayer has been updated to a more recent snapshot. 

The whole discussion is in rpmfusion-devel archives :

The vlc maintainer was looking at pushing vlc 2.0 to F16 and maybe F15 
too. This release can use libbluray.

For completeness, xine-lib 1.2 and xine-lib 1.1.21 can also use 
libbluray. 1.1.21 is not released yet and I'm not sure what the state of 
xine-lib in Fedora/RPM Fusion is at the moment anyway. An update to 1.2 
for F17 was discussed, but this version cannot be easily split into a 
patent-free and a patent-encumbered package, so that will need to be in 
RPM Fusion and it will drag a couple other packages too.


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