RFC: Primary architecture promotion requirements

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Tue Mar 20 18:20:52 UTC 2012

On 3/20/12 11:18 AM, Brendan Conoboy wrote:
>> We're starting now, that's what the secondary architecture is for.
>> There's
>> no need for ARM to be a primary architecture for Fedora to be "ready" for
>> it.
> No, Fedora ARM started years ago.  There comes a point where a secondary
> cannot continue to grow.  To become more than it is, it needs the
> support and interest of the main Fedora community.  We are reaching that
> point.  That is why we are having this discussion.

Honestly I've yet to see a succinct list of reasons why secondary arch 
is no longer good enough for the ARM effort, for at least the next few 
releases.  I may have missed it in the flurry of emails and debate, 
anybody care to recap it for clarity?

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!

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