Booting Fedora from LVM with grub2

Chris Lumens clumens at
Thu Mar 29 14:13:43 UTC 2012

> Just out of curiosity: Your description makes me assume that the
> installer in the future still don't do things like partitioning,
> formating or installing a basic set of packages in the background while
> the user (which has a high latency/response time) is asked questions
> about the root password to use, users accounts to create or which
> timezone the system is in?
> Just wondering, because the Ubuntu installer does things like that,
> which makes the installation a little bit quicker.

This is the direction we are heading, though it's uncertain yet whether
this part will be in F18 or will have to get put off until F19.  Just
getting a new, relatively bug-free UI in is a lot of work for a single

- Chris

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