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Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Oct 15 20:15:11 UTC 2012

Am 15.10.2012 22:02, schrieb Chris Murphy:
> On Oct 15, 2012, at 1:47 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
>> With this, the three versions of "minimal" you give come down to about:
>> @core + kernel:     300MB
>> systemd [...] yum:  240MB     20% savings
>> systemd + not yum:  195M      35% savings
>> Chew away at the dependencies and at the size of some of the other packages
>> (python 2to3, I'm looking at you), and we could get the middle option down
>> below 200MB.
> In my opinion, Minimal should include yum. Without yum, Minimal is suddenly not Fedora. It's like the brim is totally missing.


yum/rpm is the core of a linux-distribution

all other dependencies in my opinion should be as less as
possible - if you decide "minimal" you should be aware if
some packages are missing, in the worst case the firmware
of your NIC

but even this is solveable easy by put it on a CD/USB or mount
a ISO in a VM to get network access - on the other side if
you have no firmwares, apckages you are not active using you
are able to make really tight systems

having 20 of them affects how large the roofs has to be
for your needs x count of instalaltions in a virtual environment

after the setup it affects the amount of downloads for updates
* mirror load
* time for the updates
* possible temporary dependency-problems
* space fpr full vm-images (backups)
* time for restore of the backups
* time for cloning test-VMs

cunclusion: even in days of really large and cheap disks there are
many reasons fro as small as possible system footprints and in days
of more and more VM/cloud setups this becomes meaningful in many cases

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