Fixing Puppet in Fedora/EPEL

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Tue Oct 23 13:47:43 UTC 2012

Dne 23.10.2012 15:37, Matthew Miller napsal(a):
> On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 03:22:27PM +0200, Vít Ondruch wrote:
>>> But that doesn't help people running puppet 2.6 _now_, and just introduces
>>> complication into the packaging.
>> Introducing new package is complication anyway, so what is the point?
> See earlier comments. The point is that when the update goes live, people
> running the older version with non-compatible configs won't have their
> systems break. This is important.

Yes, I understand that ... therefore you need two versions of puppet 
installed in parallel. There was proposal to prepare puppet3 package, 
while I think that the correct way is to move puppet to version 3 and 
prepare new puppet2 or compat-puppet package.

Once you introduce version into the name, you will never be able to get 
rid of it, although puppet 4 might be 100% compatible with puppet 3 and 
I hope you don't like to have package puppet3-4.x in the future.


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