MariaDB: Packagers needed

Renich Bon Ciric renich at
Sun Oct 28 20:28:01 UTC 2012

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 1:57 PM, Sven Lankes <sven at> wrote:
> Hi,
>> I am to start packaging MariaDB for Fedora.
> I've promised monty to get going with packaging MariaDB and I did
> create some local test packages which do work still need quite a
> few changes. I got busy with $dayjob for a while but I'm still
> eager to help move mariadb forward - so count me in.

Awesome! Thanks! ;=)

>> Is there anyone who wants to co-maintain?
> I'm interested in helping there.


>> This is just me wanting to post it for a package review.
> The package review is probably going to be long and hard ;) -
> mariadb will need to conflict with the default mysql packages
> which is usually not allowed in fedora. So this is going to
> be interesting.

Yeah, I know. Let's see what comes out of this. I found this along the

I don't know much about the "Alternatives" ... need to read a bit about it.

Anyway, I'd like to start from the bottom. Then, there're the tons of
patches done to mysql; which I think we should drop for now and apply
only if utterly necessary.

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