[Trade event] Swapping review

jonathan bioinfornatics at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 18:38:38 UTC 2012


Mine review request list grow without get at anytime a review, i am
looking a reviewer to push these packages into fedora. Thanks for your
- Bug 813842 - Review Request: glfw , A cross-platform multimedia
- Bug 847794 - Review Request: gl3n An OpenGL Mathematics library for D
- Bug 832953 - Review Request: Syntastic - A syntax checker for
programming language in vim
- Bug 848144 - Review Request: SDL2 A cross-platform multimedia library

If you are interested to swap a review contact me.

Thanks regards

Bioinfornatics at fedoraproject dot org
- Fedora Packager
- package own: ldc, phobos, druntime, gtkd, derelict, gl3n, gljm

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