Package Review Requests for Hadoop dependencies

Björn Esser bjoern.esser at
Tue Jun 11 07:04:14 UTC 2013

Am Montag, den 10.06.2013, 15:42 -0400 schrieb Robert Rati:
> I'm working with the Big Data SIG to package hadoop for Fedora.  We're 
> targeting Fedora 20, but right now there are a number of packages that 
> hadoop will depend upon that are awaiting review.  All dependent 
> packages have review BZs logged.
> Packages needing review for inclusion into Fedora:
> bookkeeper (BZ948589)
> groovy (BZ858127)
> jets3t (BZ847109)
> jspc-compiler (BZ960720)
> maven-native (BZ864084)
> zookeeper (BZ823122)
> One of those packages also has a dependency which also needs to be reviewed:
> jtoaster (zookeeper, BZ957337)
> If we are to get hadoop into Fedora 20 we need some movement on the 
> review requests for these packages.  Would anyone, or a group of people, 
> be willing to review these packages and help us get them into Fedora?
> Rob

Hello Rob!

I'll take them one by one during this week.  Would be fine if another
volunteer will join-in, though.

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