Removal of pipe sink and source modules from Fedora pulse packages

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed May 1 15:32:38 UTC 2013

Hi Lennart,

In this thread:

You express that the module-pipe-sink is a toy, and can't be used for
anything useful, and that you're going to remove it from the Fedora

And, indeed, it has been removed from the Fedora packages; the .spec
file removes the pipe sink and source (along with oss and the old detect

I couldn't find any other discussion of this removal; please forgive me
and supply links if I did not Google well or long enough to find it.

However, I would like to play with your toy <grin>.  Specifically, the
module-pipe-sink proved to be a useful tool in feeding sound into an
Xspice virtual session.  Each session gets a virtual X display, and we
now have code in spice to consume the fifo and translate it into spice
sound protocol messages.

I was preparing an Xspice demo as part of the Fedora 19 test process,
and sound is one of the key benefits of spice.

I am hoping to persuade you to undo those removals, or failing that, to
persuade you to create a new package (named pulseaudio-toys, perhaps



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