Question about "what to do if mantainer is absent"

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Tue May 14 13:51:59 UTC 2013


I have a question about the unresponsive mantainer policy [1].

What is the procedure to follow if a mantainer is kindly responding to
personal emails and granting access (really rarely) but is not giving
ownership of the packages even after years of inactivity?

I've been working mostly alone on the bacula [2] and bacula-docs [3]
package for the past years; reassigning myself to bugs etc. Fortunately now
there is also personnel from Redhat working on it.

So far there has been almost no activity in his packages since 2009 except
for a few items like the script shows:

$ ./ --user ixs --all-comments
FAS password for slaanesh:
Last login in FAS:
   ixs 2013-01-01
Last action on koji:
   Fri, 11 Jan 2013 package list entry created: ser in f18-final by ausil
[still active]
Last package update on bodhi:
   2012-10-15 16:42:06 on package icecast-2.3.3-1.fc17

He has bugs open and not taken care of since 2008 (Fedora 9!) [4] [5];
reviews pending [6]; ACLs pending for a lot of packages etc.

I've addressed personally Andreas Thienemann (FAS: ixs) by mail a couple of
times in the last years; he had been kind and granted me access on the
packages but not ownership; as he has stated on a mail to me the 9th of
January he was supposed to come back with a more active role in Fedora. But
so far, there wasn't any activity; at least for the packages I've looked at.

What should I do in this case? Just wait or proceed with the unresponsive
mantainer policy?



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