gnome software shell search provider? [Re: Is Gnome Software ready for primetime?]

Stijn Hoop stijn at
Mon Nov 4 08:01:38 UTC 2013


On Sun, 03 Nov 2013 14:23:28 +0100
Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at> wrote:

> Michael Scherer wrote:
> > When statistics cost you money, yeah, I think that's important to
> > take them in account. Maybe your employer do not care about this,
> > but I strongly suspect mine does, and I strongly suspect that most
> > companies do care about this as well.
> Company computers should get updated only by the sysadmins (which
> AFAIK is how it works at his company, him being the CTO, sysadmin and
> lead developer in one person), or by automated scripts running as
> root (which is how it's done at my university, there's an autoupdate
> script running at bootup). Users have no business updating
> company-managed computers.

This is YOUR opinion. Evidently, the direction GNOME is taking conflicts
with your opinion. But, maybe it would help to think about people
having opinions other than your own?

FWIW, at work here we used to do sysadmin-dictated updates and
installation but for several reasons that is simply not feasible

- people work remotely more than ever including spotty network
  performance at "the right update time"

- laptops and their usage ("ok audience of 200 students let's wait until
  my forced-update is done before I give my lecture")

- expectations -- people simply installed their own OS once they found
  out that they could not install their own necessary software, wasting
  both their and our time

Again, not saying that this is typical, or something that YOU should
adopt at your work. But the offline updates as will be implemented in
F20 will simply make things better for US.

And that is ALSO a VALID opinion.



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