Reminder: Fedora 20 Final Change Deadline in one week (2013-11-26)

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Tue Nov 19 11:51:50 UTC 2013

this is a reminder that Fedora 20 Final Change Deadline is in one
week - 2013-11-26, see the Schedule [1]. Be aware of that period
between Beta release and Final release is one week shorter as
approved by FESCo [2] to avoid holidays. Make sure to submit and
get karma for your updates in Bodhi on time.

After the Final Change Deadline, only accepted Blockers [3] and
Freeze Exception [4] will be allowed into Fedora 20 Final. All 
updates after this time are considered zero day updates.

Please take a look on outstanding Final blocker tracker [5].

This is the list of accepted blockers still in NEW/ASSIGNED state:
1008732 anaconda LUKSError: luks device not configured
1013586 anaconda SizeNotPositiveError: spec= param must be >=0
1020974 anaconda incorrectly treats a disk with partially corrupt 
  GPT as having no partition at all
1027965 anaconda CreateException: Can't have a partition outside 
  the disk!
1028110 anaconda LVMError: lvresize failed for root: running lvm 
  lvresize --force -L 8712m fedora/root failed
1028367 anaconda Invalid resize operation crashes
864198 grubby grubby fatal error updating grub.cfg when /boot is 
1028207 kbd non US keyboard layouts not working at console
1030719 pungi tmux segfaults on start in 32-bit Fedora 20 TC1 
  install images due to being corrupt, causing
  anaconda to fail to start
790339 system-config-services [abrt] system-config-services-0.101.7-2.fc17: org.freedesktop.
  DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "list_services" with signature "" 
  on interface  "org.fedoraproject.Config.Services.ServiceHerder" 
  doesn't exist
1008965 xorg-x11-server mouse cursor sometimes disappears on login


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