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Fri Nov 22 16:54:53 UTC 2013

On 22.11.2013 14:58, Tako Schotanus wrote:
> So I'm completely new to this packaging business, I managed to piece together a SPEC file that results in an actually working RPM for our project and even Koji seems to accept it, but there's so much information to absorb that I'm feeling a bit out of my depth. (Our project being a programming language we're dealing with some difficult issues with respect to versioning and such, for now I've copied Java's with alternatives and such which might or not be a good idea). So if there are some friendly people here that can guide me through my first real submission that would be great!

I really don't know weather this idea is appropriate [*], but since 
Ceylon development is github based anyway and Ceylon is a fresh new 
development stack (according to terminology :-) ), what 
about new github account: fstack-ceylon (Ceylon related packages for 
Fedora) containing something like:

... etc

formed in the same shape as the future dist-git repos (being drafts for 
them) for all the incoming Ceylon SRPMs.

You could then clone/commit there your current .spec drafts and receive 
issues and pull requests containing packages improvements (e.g. with 
pointers to relevant guidelines parts) if it turns out that such style 
of community work on the specs seems efficient to the established 
packagers, who already offered help.

I imagine few additional pros:
- Ceylon stack packaging "story" collected under a github account can 
become a visible guide for the new stacks Fedora integration (especially 
for the potential contributors which are new to the tracking of the 
bugzilla.rh packaging bugs and the other Fedora communication channels).
- the whole collection of the specs, when polished could be forked and 
tweaked for other RPM based distributions.

Kind Regards,

[*] because 1) it seems that few voices are firmly against Fedora 
specific work on github and 2) this would lead to some bug-tracking 
fragmentation between github/bugzilla, but I hope the latter is more 
technical (synchronization/indexing) issue.

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