fedmsg for voting?

DJ Delorie dj at redhat.com
Tue Sep 10 21:57:45 UTC 2013

> Oh no!  Sorry about that.  I just tried it too but I couldn't
> duplicate the error.

It worked this time, must have been new-account-mess.

> > > you can opt out of all badge-stuff in one click ("Deactivate
> > > Account").
> >=20
> > Does this deactivate your FAS account, or just the badges?
> Just the badges.  You won't show up on the badges.fp.o frontpage, or the
> badges.fp.o leaderboard, and the backend awarder won't consider you
> for future badges.  "Deactivating your account" there has no effect beyond
> the badges systems.

Thanks!  I'm out.

Why wasn't it opt-in in the first place?  We expect that of mailing lists...

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