About F19 Firewall

Mateusz Marzantowicz mmarzantowicz at osdf.com.pl
Tue Sep 17 14:50:06 UTC 2013

On 17.09.2013 15:02, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> P J P wrote:
>> Hmmn, it should have been a package for user to install at will, rather
>> than a replacement of an understandable firewall.
> +1, the fact that this is opt-out rather than opt-in (even for upgrades from 
> Fedora ≤ 17 – I had to go out of my way to disable that "feature" 
> immediately after upgrading to F18) really sucks, also considering that it 
> is written in Python. (The core system should be free of interpreted 
> languages. Lennart is going out of his way to replace shell stuff by fast 
> native code in systemd, why sabotage that effort by shoving a Python 
> firewall down our throats?)

It's written in Python and so what? Interpreted languages like Perl and
Bash are widely used in Linux world to implement many tools. I don't buy
argumentation that if something is not implemented in C it sucks.

Mateusz Marzantowicz

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