does mc really require perl*?

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Fri Sep 20 18:37:50 UTC 2013

Am 20.09.2013 20:26, schrieb Bill Nottingham:
> Reindl Harald (h.reindl at said: 
>> Am 20.09.2013 17:18, schrieb Miloslav Trmač:
>>> (IMHO, disk space is cheap enough that just using hard Requires: is
>>> rarely wrong enough to worry about it.)
>> no it is *not*
>> in cloud infrastructure where you have 100, 500, 1000
>> instances and need to reserve 50 or 150 MB more for the
>> base OS because dependencie chains you end easily in
>> a lot of gigabytes and not only the space, also the
>> time updates on all the instances takes
>> additionally there is a security point of view
>> take a look which software comonents in the last few
>> months had security-fixes where i even did not condiser
>> that they could open a security hole willingly
>> with every pulled and distributed dependency you raise
>> the amount of code with potential unknown security
>> relevant bugs
> Sure, it's a good principle, but you also have to tailor it to the
> situations where it's applied.

in doubt keep the footpürint as small as possible

i reduced the used space in rootfs on our virtual servers running
Fedora within the last year about 600 MB by remove "nice to have"
packages with expensive cross dependencies - with the expierience
from now i would have reserved 30 GB less on the SAN storage and
in such environments diskspace is *not cheap* - the opposite is
the truth - fast SAS discs are *very* expensive and you need at
least 6 to 8 in a spindle for performance/Failover

oh - and in such envorinments you have typically *versioned backups*
of the complete images including the root FS, multiply the space
and if it comes to offsite-backups condsider the time and bandwith

as you can see things are not that simple like "a few MB" if someone
is looking at the big picture and not only his personal pieces

> For example, are people *really* using mc for work inside cloud images?  

since it is a console app - why not?

> If it's a tool that is confined to administator console usage on their
> laptop/workstation, you could argue that there are different criteria for
> what is considered an 'excessive' dependency

who is using "mc" on a full featured desktop?
typically it is used where you do not have a fat graphical filemanager

well, some people would now say "i do"
the same i can say for sure to some other pakcages on a cloud server where
they would disagree and because everybody has different needs keep the
dependency chain as small as possible is always a good idea for a lot
of reasons and save ressources is generally a good idea even if most of
the young devlelopers never learned how to develop tiny, bugfree and
stable software - the results are well known

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