Using USB 3 plugs crashes Gnome

Kristofer Rye kristofer.rye at
Tue Sep 24 22:29:28 UTC 2013


I use USB 3.0 every day on my HP Pavilion DV6Z-QE with everything.
There are some odd glitches at times but usually it's my fault as I do
weird stuff to my kernel sometimes (really hard to explain).

If the mouse is moving, that says to me that the mouse cursor is
displayed by the hardware (no surprise there), but that Xorg is also
in some sort of functional state. That leaves GNOME as the main

I've had problems before with a corrupt SD card -- one which I had to
reformat using my camera -- which caused GNOME to hang and stay hung
until I removed it from the computer. To me it seems like it's
something similar to that.

That also makes me wonder what kind of USB controllers your laptop
has, and if they're properly supported (i.e. if someone has this issue
also or something similar).

// Kristofer "four04" Rye

On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 6:14 PM, Digimer <lists at> wrote:
> I know this doesn't make sense on the surface, but bear with me for a
> minute.
> I've got a Thinkpad W530 laptop. The first OS was Fedora 17 and it was
> perfectly stable. By coincidence or not, when I installed Fedora 18, it
> started crashing sporadically. This remained to this day on Fedora 19.
> I've finally narrowed it down to an unlikely source; USB 3. If I don't
> use the USB 3 ports, the system goes weeks without crashing. However,
> when I try to use the USB 3 ports, within a short time Gnome locks up.
> The mouse usually moves still, but I can't interact with anything on the
> screen. I can't alt + tab, alt + tilda, corner bump or anything else. I
> can ctrl + alt + fX to get to a terminal and kill the GUI. In a couple
> of occasions, if I leave it long enough, the windows would start
> responding to a limited amount, but they would all be jammed up to the
> top-left corner, have no windows and can't be moved or given focus (so I
> can only interact with the windows I can see part of).
> I can't imagine why USB 3 would effect this, but there you go. Any
> advice on debugging?
> Madi
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