F21 System Wide Change: RPM-4.12

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Wed Apr 2 17:47:54 UTC 2014

= Proposed System Wide Change:  RPM-4.12 =

Change owner(s):  Florian Festi, Panu Matilainen <rpm-maint at rpm.org>

Update RPM to the upcoming 4.12 release. 

== Detailed Description ==
The current upstream repository contains several improvements that need to get 
released and integrated into Fedora:

* Support for weak dependencies
* Support for packaging files > 4GB
* Support for real package reinstallation
* New API for accessing files and file contents
* New tool for converting rpm packages to tar files
* Internal plugin interface
* Massive code clean ups
* Many bug fixes

Some of these features require the new version to reach the builders. So 
actually introducing them in Fedora will take longer that the Fedora 21 
release. Nevertheless updating RPM in F21 is the first step to make this 

== Scope ==
* Proposal owners: The RPM code base needs to get stabilized and release 
ready. The release candidates need to be tested in rawhide.
* Other developers: Will test the release candidates during normal operation 
in raw hide. Need to report issues and bugs.
* Release engineering: Have a look for compatibility issues.
* Policies and guidelines: Packaging policies might need reconsidering in the 
light of the new options (F22 or even F23 time frame).
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