systemd bugs in F20/F21 -> bug against the distribution?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Thu Apr 3 17:31:01 UTC 2014

will that below ever get fixed in F20?
should i file a bug against the distribution?
should i file a bug against Red Hat as upstream employer?

and if someone asks why i called Lennart in #1072368
names - because over weeks nobody cared and after i
asked again on this list within 5 minutes Lennarts first
reaction within 5 minutes was close the bugreport because
he decides what is OK for users and don't care that about
different worksloads

in that context 2 links with a quote of Linus 100% matching:
>> It does become a problem when you have a system service
>> developer who thinks the universe revolves around him,
>> and nobody else matters, and people sending him bug-reports
>> are annoyances that should be ignored rather than acknowledged
>> and fixed. At that point, it's a problem.

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