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مصعب الزعبي moceap at
Tue Apr 8 19:16:00 UTC 2014

Gharef  Git Hub Archive Ready Employ Fedora

Fedora has rules for packaging projects that hosted
on GitHub.

Downloading and placing in the right position takes
time from developers so Gharef doing that so simply.

Usage of Gharef very easy, Just type:

gharef {owner} {project} {commit}

This is first try .. you can try and contribute at :

 -=-=-=-=-=-Mosaab AlzoubiSenior of Linux Arab Community http://linuxac.orgMember of Ojuba Project http://ojuba.orgMember of Arab Eyes project http://arabeyes.orgMaintainer of Almasa project of Fedora packaging teamMaintainer of Arabic Translations in : Wine - KDE -  VLC - MATE .... etcAlso member of Fedora Arabic translations team

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