Copr and Playground plugin part of dnf-plugins-core?

Miloslav Trma─Ź mitr at
Fri Apr 25 17:32:55 UTC 2014

2014-04-24 22:33 GMT+02:00 Kevin Fenzi <kevin at>:

> I'm not sure a open vote is the way to go here. How about we try and
> figure this out on technical grounds?
> Personally I think it's fine to be in dnf-plugins-core, but the
> maintainers of dnf don't think so I guess, but that could just be that
> the audience isn't clear for the playground repo yet.
> It seems like something the env-and-stacks group could look into?
> ie, decide what the audience is for the playground repo.

The target audience isn't the main thing: if an upstream produces a release
that is useful in different ways to different target audiences, building
subpackages is fairly trivial.

This should be decided by the wanted, required or unwanted cooperation:
does the plugin and the rest of the package need to be always released and
tested in sync?  Would it benefit from doing it?  Or is it usually just an
unwanted hassle because one of the two would like a release and the rest is
currently in an unstable state, or simply because it requires two people to
coordinate when they otherwise wouldnt' have to?
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