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Wireless is a requirement for laptops. For example, Macbook Air doesn't
have an ethernet port.

On 12 December 2014 at 12:44, Jan Kratochvil <jan.kratochvil at redhat.com>
> On Fri, 12 Dec 2014 01:37:52 +0100, john.tiger wrote:
> > 2) If key requirement is missing / insufficient then pop
> > suggestion - if it's a non shipping proprietary issue, then provide popup
> > dialog info and links to get problem solved - none of the current "go
> look
> > it up" - needs the right info right there
> First wireless is not a requirement, I do not use wireless anywhere for
> PCs as
> wired connection is in all aspects (except for the wire) better.
> Second Fedora has more strict Free software policy:
>         https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Forbidden_items
>         The proprietary software and drivers discussed may be available
> from
>         the respective owners and other vendors. Fedora Project instead
> highly
>         recommends that you support the right vendors and get hardware that
>         can work with completely free and open source software
> From my own experience I had nVidia gfx card in one computer and its user
> wanted 3D so I trashed that crap and bought there ATI gfx card instead.
> Since that time everything works out of the box.  Low-end Free software
> friendly card is really not such a financial burden.  The same can be
> applied
> to WiFi USB - when one was unfortunate to buy/get Free software hostile
> hardware in the first place.
> Jan
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