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> I understand Fedora's position on Chromium BUT not having a 3rd party
> available for F21 is not acceptable -


I realize you are angry and upset you can't browse but various other
functions are working, but your first sentence doesn't help you either
getting it fixed or working. Instead it comes across as throwing a gauntlet
down and daring people to pick a fight about what is acceptable or not
versus fixing your problem.

A) This list isnt about user problems, but about development issues inside
of Fedora.
B) This list isn't about what 3rd party repositories contain or do not
C) This list is full of very cranky people who like to bite people who they
think poked them.

So let us start over. You have a problem with Firefox not connecting to the
internet but haven't described what that means (does the application start,
does the application show an error, does the application crash after trying
to connect to some web server, what version of Firefox are you using, when
did it last work? have you turned off various plugins and such as they are
the usual suspect for stopping a browser from working.)

You have shown than you can connect ot the internet via chrome and dnf. The
chromium says that the problem is not likely a MitM proxy blocking you but
if you try with epiphany and then get errors that might be the issue.

After that to bring it back to something that is related to this mailing
list, try running firefox from the command line. Look to see if it displays
any errors when trying to connect. If so then it might be a problem that
the firefox developers can fix.

Next step.

mv .mozilla .mozilla_blech

if firefox starts now then it is likely some sort of corruption in your
firefox directory which is outside of this list to fix.

> ie. this morning Firefox is not connecting to the internet (yet
> thunderbird, dnf, etc is ...  - I'm seeing a kernel problem warning
> WARNING: CPU 0 PID 1419 at
> point is, browser choice is important and Chromium on my F20 is working.
> Also as developers, we need to work with all browsers.
> Even if Fedora does not elect to maintain packages for Chromium, there
> should be some effort to work with or encourage a 3rd party or fix whatever
> package might be holding up someone else from implementing it (ie if it's
> clang compiling or whatever.
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