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Sat Dec 20 16:44:37 UTC 2014

Am 20.12.2014 um 17:33 schrieb john.tiger:
> I understand Fedora's position on Chromium BUT not having a 3rd party
> available for F21 is not acceptable

for whom?

> ie. this morning Firefox is not connecting to the internet (yet
> thunderbird, dnf, etc is ...  - I'm seeing a kernel problem warning
> WARNING: CPU 0 PID 1419 at

which implies a completly unrelated problem

you stripped that error message and should write a bugreport

> point is, browser choice is important

there are enough browsers available for Fedora not only FF

> and Chromium on my F20 is working

but that's not really related to Fdora

> Also as developers, we need to work with all browsers.

than you need virtual machines for different MSIE anyways

also Google as a 3rd party repo for Chrome

> Even if Fedora does not elect to maintain packages for Chromium, there
> should be some effort to work with or encourage a 3rd party or fix
> whatever package might be holding up someone else from implementing it
> (ie if it's clang compiling or whatever.

chromium upstream has to make that effort or even *you*

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