llvm 3.4 in rawhide time

David Airlie airlied at redhat.com
Wed Jan 15 02:11:07 UTC 2014

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> > On 14 Jan 2014 06:04, "David Airlie" < airlied at redhat.com > wrote:
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> > > Hi all,
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> > > I've gotten a build tag f21-llvm for attempting to rebase rawhide to llvm
> > > 3.4
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> > Assuming there aren't any major stumbling blocks, are there any plans to
> > back
> > port llvm 3.4 to f20 (like was done for llvm 3.3 in f19)?
> > 
> > I need clang 3.4 for my day job but have been holding off on a parallel
> > installable version until I know what's happening in Fedora proper.
> Maybe, we might like it for GPU drivers, but I want to see how hairy it is,
> so far it looks rather hairy, most of the projects failed on my simple just
> rebuild it.
> iirc last time the rebase was required in order to get a later Mesa into the
> distro. I will hold off for a few days to see just how hairy things are. If
> you decide not to rebase f20 i will build something privately, or even a
> copr build if anybody else is interested in it.
> If you need any help with testing, patches, etc i would be happy to help
> where i can.

It looks like OpenGTL is going to be the sticking point,

upstream appears dead, and llvm removed its old school llvm::sys::Path interface
that OpenGTL appears to use in a few places. My C++ is fairly fail, and I managed
to at least fix two files, but then realised how big a hole I was digging.

If anyone has some C++ expertise (package maintainer cc'ed), and some time it might not
be too bad too work out,


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