NetworkManager Bridges in Fedora

Steve Dickson SteveD at
Thu Jan 16 19:53:40 UTC 2014

On 16/01/14 14:39, Steve Dickson wrote:
> On 16/01/14 14:09, Dan Williams wrote:
>> Also, if wouldn't mind passing along the systemd journal output for
>> NetworkManager, that might help us figure out what's going on:
>> journalctl -b _SYSTEMD_UNIT=NetworkManager.service
> The log is at:
I bet ya the hang has something to do with these messages:

   <info> (bridge0): IPv4 config waiting until carrier is on
   <info> (bridge0): IPv6 config waiting until carrier is on
   <info> Activation (bridge0) Stage 3 of 5 (IP Configure Start) complete.
What carrier is it waiting on? em1 is already up and running... 


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