EPEL 7 question

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 20:14:58 UTC 2014

>> > > I noticed that EPEL 7 branches were created for several of my packages
>> > > that
>> > > have el6 branches, but not all of them. I didn't request them (yet) so
>> > > I'm
>> > > wondering, are some packages automatically added or did someone else
>> > > request
>> > > them as a dependency to one of their packages? I need to dig through
>> > > my
>> > > packages but I intend to maintain el7 branches of all of my packages
>> > > that
>> > > have el6 branches.
>> >
>> > It's possible that these were some of the packages that you and I
>> > share as dependencies of MythTV. I requested branches for a lot of my
>> > packages on January 11th using Dennis' procedure with the wiki [1],
>> > but I haven't gotten around to doing the builds in Koji yet. I'm
>> > planning to do the builds by next week.
>> I would've expected anything that exists in epel6 and doesn't exist in
>> rhel7 to get an epel7 branch. It seems a bit ludicrous doing it manually
>> - do I have to go through all the deps of any package I want to build
>> for epel7 and figure this out manually and file branch requests for each
>> package that isn't in rhel7? yeesh.
> Agreed... The only argument I can think of against it is that we don't want
> stuff that's not being maintained from automatically making it's way into
> el7, but at the same time I don't have my list of packages memorized. I
> guess I'll have to come up with some shell-fu to walk through my git
> directories looking for instances of el6?

Ultimately it'll be automatically branched but it'll still be up to
the maintainer to build and push the builds so while there might end
up being a branch there it'll be ultimately stagnant and won't have
builds until the maintainer actively does so.


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