Heads up; F22 will require applications to ship appdata to be listed in software center

Björn Persson bjorn at xn--rombobjrn-67a.se
Fri Jan 24 10:32:17 UTC 2014

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
>I mean, I'm a maintainer for the Fedora apg package. 
>Last upstream release was 2003. I very rarely touch it. 
>Yet, from time to time I still use it here, I suspect, but do not know
>that others install and use it. 
>It has no bugs currently opened against it. 
>It's not failed a mass rebuild. 
>The last time I touched it was to move it to use systemd unit files 
>(it can optionally run a network service to return it's data). 
>Is this a package that should be removed for being abandoned? 

I'm not familiar with APG but from your description it sounds like a
perfect example of stable and reliable software – the best kind there
is. So what if it's abandoned, if no one has found any bugs?

Björn Persson
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