Heads up; F22 will require applications to ship appdata to be listed in software center

Przemek Klosowski przemek.klosowski at nist.gov
Tue Jan 28 18:43:09 UTC 2014

On 01/25/2014 05:08 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> I can think
>> of several programs that I use daily that are simple enough so that there's
>> not much development happening to them. For example,  the 'units' program,
>> which I showed  recently to some mechanical engineers who use Linux and they
>> went 'OMG this is so cool, how come we didn't know about it even though
>> we've been using Linux for ten years'.
> Right. If it's a GUI application, and is indeed awesome, I'd hope that
> the Fedora packager could write an AppData file, take some
> screenshots, include it as a source in the RPM and build a new version
> of the package. This way is a workaround for an abandoned-upstream but
> awesome/complete package.
There are two separate issues here: 'abandonment', and 'GUIness'. As to 
the latter, I think it's a mistake to have a primary application 
installation tool that only deals with GUI apps, because it relegates 
text-based tools, such as 'units', to a second-class status of being 
hard to find and to install. Similarly, at least some apps with inactive 
upstream are fine the way they are and do not deserve to be locked up in 
the attic.

The real distinction lies somewhere else: everyone agrees that we should 
promote excellent and useful apps, while deprecating the deficient ones. 
Neither GUIness nor the speed of current development is an accurate 
measure of that; I believe that user feedback, a la Google App Store's 
user ranking, is the only reasonable way to classify the apps for 
promotion and visibility.
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