F22 System Wide Change: Replace Yum With DNF

Haïkel Guémar hguemar at fedoraproject.org
Sat Jun 14 14:39:58 UTC 2014

Le 14/06/2014 15:59, Reindl Harald a écrit :
> backed by what data?

Based on various contributors feedbacks.

> don't you think if after i made clear my point of view a handful
> people starting quibbling is the real reason for become a flamewar?
Let's say that's the case, are you compelled to answer them ?

> tell that the two people who go repeatly off-topic

They may have a different opinion about it, but if you agree to calm 
down the discussion, I'm pretty sure they will.

> what eactly is broken in the CLI?

I'll chose an example you care about: protected packages.
You pretend that DNF maintainers refused to support that, but actually, 
the answer is that they think it should be implemented as a plugin. I 
agree with you, most of the time, removing the running kernel is stupid 
but they are use cases where it makes sense. DNF maintainers felt that 
it should not be in core because it clutters the code and is restrictive 
for users.

A smarter move would be to (kindly) request that such plugin is written 
and enabled by default in F22.

> that must be why "dnf remove kernel" kills your system

If I give you a riffle, and then you willingly shot yourself in the 
foot, don't complain.

> it would be enough not breaking them or stop pretend you
> create a operating system if Fedora drives in a direction
> to be a only self contained appliance with no care for
> other software running on tp of

See, you're exaggerating, yum was around for 11 years, there are not 
many Linux Distribution that could claim having kept the same default 
package manager around. (Even Debian switched back between 
We've updated many core components at a faster pace and with more 
disruptive changes than yum/DNF.

> oh yeah - proposals
> is that the same one pretending a lower memory footprint while
> "dnf upgrade" on a VM with 192 MB RAM get killed by the kernel
> while "yum reinstall \*" works fine?
> 250 MB RAM is a bad joke for a single process
> i have servers wich are doing the ir complete workload with less over months

What happens when you use "dnf reinstall \*" ?

> nice - threaten with moderation because you don't like someones opinion

If you're moderated, it won't be for your opinions (and *nobody* has the 
power to do that here) but for your behavior. Please notice, that I 
agreed that you raised some valid concerns.
I prefer convincing you to be more considerate, and help you moving 
forward rather than requesting moderation (though, it won't be the first 
time and not by me).
If you can't understand that your very behavior is preventing you to 
promote your agenda, well, I give up.


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